Play-to-Earn Gaming: The Future of Video Games, According to Alexis Ohanian

• Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian firmly believes that play-to-earn is the future of gaming
• Play-to-earn games let players earn rewards that have real world value just for playing
• Ohanian cites six figure sales of virtual assets as evidence that the P2E concept will make a comeback

Alexis Ohanian’s Belief in Play-to-Earn Gaming

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian firmly stands by his belief that play-to-earn is the future of gaming. Despite the decline in popularity of some major P2E games, he remains convinced that such games are the future of the industry. He sees recent setbacks as temporary and believes that as crypto and NFT trading technologies scale, play to earn will become standard.

What Is Play To Earn?

Play to earn is a model in gaming where players can earn rewards with real world value for playing games. These rewards usually come in form of in game digital assets which can be bought, traded and sold outside the game for real money.

Examples Of Successful Play To Earn Games

Ohanian cites examples such as the six figure sale of a virtual nightclub (Club Neverdie) in Entropia Universe and more recently six figure sales of Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) skins as proof that this concept will make a comeback. He also believes that as Web3 technology advances, there are even more ways for players to be compensated for their time while playing.

The Future Of Play To Earn

Despite challenges ahead, Ohanian is confident about play to earn’s future success due to increased familiarity with crypto and NFT trading amongst wider public. As an investor in several gaming companies including Sky Mavis (creator of Axie Infinity), he previously stated his belief in crypto field video games despite all pessimism about its future at the time.


In conclusion, Reddit co founder Alexis Ohanian has been steadfastly firm about his belief on Play to Earn being the future of gaming despite recent setbacks faced by some major P2E titles. He sees these setbacks as temporary and believes advancements in Web3 technology will help bring more people onto board with this model as they become familiar with crypto and NFT trading which could lead to huge payoffs for gamers who choose to get involved now at its early stages.