AI-Powered AGIX Soars 700%: 3 Crypto Presales That Could 10x This Year

SingularityNET AGIX Price Explodes

• SingularityNET’s decentralized AI-focused crypto ecosystem token, AGIX, has seen an aggressive pullback in the past few days
• Despite this recent dip, AGIX is still more than 700% up on the year
• There are crypto presales that could 10x investors’ returns this year

AGIX Technical Outlook Suggests Further Rally

The token powering SingularityNET’s decentralized AI-focused crypto ecosystem, AGIX, has seen a recent pullback over the past few days. Despite this, it is still up more than 700% on the year. Technically speaking, there is potential for further gains if the uptrend continues and a move towards $1.0 in coming months is possible.

3 Crypto Presales That Could 10x This Year has reviewed several crypto presales which could 10x investors’ returns this year. These include:

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

Meta Masters Guild is an upcoming mobile-based web3 gaming ecosystem that will host a range of fun and addictive games using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Its first game Meta Karts Racers will be released later in 2023 and its presale has already raised over $3.8 million from MEMAG sales with investors also having a chance to win up to $100k worth of MEMAG tokens.

Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is blockchain-based data trading platform which allows users to securely monetize data with privacy and control through smart contracts and tokenization protocols. The platform’s upcoming sale of its OCEAN tokens could provide investors with potential returns of up to 7X their initial investment should they invest early enough into the presale.


Aavegotchi is an Ethereum based virtual pet game where players can collect, customize and battle their Aavegotchis while earning rewards through staking Aave’s governance token AAVE as well as other digital assets via meta transactions or flash loans from Aave protocol lending pools. AAVEGOTCHI’s pre-sale was one of last year’s biggest success stories with 300x returns for some early contributors who invested at just $5 per token – making it another compelling opportunity for investors looking for potentially massive profits from cryptocurrency presales this year.

Final Thoughts
With AGIX continuing to surge despite recent dips and other promising crypto projects gearing up for their own sales offering attractive ROIs – now may be a great time for those looking to capitalize on these opportunities before prices start to rise again